RW XO Switch Puller / Production Begins

RW XO Switch Puller

We have completed the final round of prototyping for our RAMA WORKS® XO Switch Puller. We’ve designed this product to easily remove switches as quickly and accurately as possible without damaging the switch or scratching your case. It’s made out of SS304 and powder coated in our signature YOLK colour then laser etched with the RAMA mark and product code.

These will be included with the M60-A SEQ2 and the U80-A.


Distributor? Want to stock the XO Switch Puller? Please contact (cc

Production Begins!

Inventory 2: Sourcing material for production
Sourcing material for production
Sourcing material for production
Sourcing material for production
Grid Caps: T2 sample arriving next week
Film Canister: Design for Manufacture by end of July
Hat/Dust Bag: First manufacturing run in stock by August
Apparel: Awaiting latest sample - due in 2 weeks

Olivia XO / Inventory 2 / Tray SEQ 2

Olivia XO

The Aluminium Olivia XO caps are packed and shipping to our distributors via DHL Express, they should arrive to our distributors soon! We will have extras available in 2-3 weeks, stay tuned.


Inventory 2

A majority of the XO cards have arrived and we have packed all colours except for LNY Gold and Sage (we are awaiting replacement Sage units).  We will be shipping out a bulk of orders over the week. We anticipate the replacement Sage and Gold XO cards to arrive this Friday.



The Aluminium and PVD Brass Tray's are all packed and ready for shipping - expect order fulfilment emails to come through soon!


Tray SEQ 1

The Tray's are all in stock and we are just awaiting new packaging. We are extremely happy with how the Liquid Series trays came out, we want to do something a little more special with the packaging. Each one is hand mirror polished for over 2 hours and then PVD coated! Packaging will be finished this week and shipped to us to arrive in the following weeks. Excited to finally get them out!