GRID Caps arrived / HI SEQ2 Shipped / WEAR / M60-A SEQ2

GRID Keycaps have arrived!

We’ve taken delivery of all our injection moulded, polycarbonate, GRID keycaps in all their beautiful colours. We’ll be packing these over the week after we ship the Tray/Inventory 2 Brass PVD orders. We’ll then start shipping out the GRID orders.


Heavy Industry SEQ2

Most orders of our PBT keyset is now complete, we’re looking forward to seeing them on some great setups!
The next round of our Heavy Industry PBT Keycap set is now available for preorder alongside the M65-B.


WEAR Production

Our apparel is now in production, any extra stock from our production run is currently available on our store in limited quantities! All units are custom made and are not re-branded existing stock.


M60-A SEQ2

The M60-A SEQ2 units have been completed for some time now, since early October. We’ve had some delays with the logistics in getting the units here, but we’re in the final stretch with clearing some documentation in getting our container here, so we have no issues when it lands in port. We hope that it will land in 2-3 weeks. Everything in our warehouse is packed and ready to go for when they arrive so we can get all the units out as quickly as possible. All units will be receiving our XO Switchpullers as well.


WAVE Ti / M60-A SEQ2 / M6-C / Caps & more!


The Titanium Wave caps have arrived in our warehouse and will be shipping out once packaged. These, we think, are our best keycaps yet - the smoothness of the finish surpasses any we have made before. We’re excited for people to receive these!
We have a limited amount left in stock available to order.


M60-A SEQ2 Starter Kits

As we await the M60-A SEQ2’s to arrive, we’re packaging a lot of the accessories that will be shipping with some orders. The M60’s are due to arrive later this month in our warehouse for order-packing and shipping.


M6-B PCB’s

The M6-B PCB’s have arrived for the M6-C production. Orders of just the PCB will be shipped when packaged. We’re also awaiting the enclosures and GRID keycaps for the M6-C shipments to go out.


Switchpuller XO

A large number of Switchpuller orders have gone out - and we’re looking forward to seeing these to good use! We have a large amount in stock for anyone who wants one.


New packaging and TEAM Caps

The packaging we were waiting on has arrived and we have started to ship the TEAM Caps. If you have ordered a TEAM Cap alongside other in-stock items, it will be going out.


Collaboration Keycaps - MIZU

The MIZU Collaboration keycaps have arrived and are being packaged to be sent to the distributors. We’re really happy with how these turned out and the blue glow!



M6-C Bases

Our first tool samples of the base of the M6-C has arrived and we have put through the production order, we can expect these to be ready by early October.



Our long-awaited WEAR items are now available in a variety of colourways! Including the new WEAR PVD BRASS Bracelet.



New mailing bags!


Merch / M60-A SEQ2 Updates / Misc


We have our caps in stock and will be available through our web-store in the next week.


Each cap comes with it’s own dust bag for storage (or for use with anything else)


M60-A SEQ2 Production

All M60-A SEQ2 units have been machined. They are now off to be enamel filled on the back-weight and then packaged - this will take around 2 weeks. They will then be freighted to our warehouse for final packaging, packing and shipment!

Inventory 2 / Trays / Heavy Industry SEQ2

These items will be shipping out in October.


We’re adjusting the mould for the GRID keycaps to use a knockout plate for ejection. This will remove the area on the underside of the cap where the ejector pins are located to now be a clean surface. These changes will take some time, but will allow us to deliver a higher quality product! Once we green-light the latest sample, production will move through quickly.



The Gateron Silent Inks have arrived for the U80-A orders! These will be packed once our new packaging arrives for them.


M60-A Cables / KOYU Announcement / BOX Royal / Wear

M60-A Cables


The new USB A > C cables have arrived, 1.5m long in black braided with metal ends, laser etched.

Three of the six colours have been all anodized as of last week and we anticipate all colours to be finished properly. We will be arriving to our manufacturer next week for a final QC of all the boards before they’re shipped to home base!  Please note that we’ll be away from the office until the 11th of September and slower to reply to all support inquiries, but will do our best to answer as promptly as we can.


KOYU Announcement


We are incredibly excited to announce our latest offering, the KOYU 65% Keyboard.   It’s an inspiration and evolution of our previous offerings, but entirely new in its own way - we’ve taken all the great aspects of the M60-A and integrated it into the KOYU. 

Integrated 4.5MM plate, In-Switch RGB, hotsockets, fixed layout, optional internal weight (same weight as M60-A / interchangeable). Launching mid-September.

BOX Royal Switches - Re-tooled


The replacement BOX Royal Re-tooled switches have arrived and we are promptly having them packed, along with the GMK Stabilisers.