Heavy Industry SEQ2 / Tray & Inventory PVD shipping / Collaboration caps

Heavy Industry SEQ2

Heavy Industry SEQ2 has landed in our warehouse and will be shipping this week!

We’re excited to see these out & on peoples boards.


Tray & Inventory 2 PVD

We’ve received the Brass PVD Tray’s and Inventory’s - they’re currently being packed and will be going out next week when we receive the remainder of our new packaging which has arrived at seaport. It’s currently in customs and we hope to receive it early next week for immediate shipping.


M60-A SEQ2 / PBT Heavy Industry

M60-A SEQ2 has launched!

To celebrate we created a video.

This is a celebration of the M60-A, inspired by a community of people that have allowed us to be at the center of their workspace. Featured in this video are the new M60 finishes, MILK and HAZE, and the STEALTH EDITIONS of MOON and KURO.

You can check out more information on SEQ2 by following this link: https://rama.works/#/m60a-seq2/

We have a lot of new features and options available with the SEQ2 launch, including the new Internal Dampener and our new signature fixture series. All accessories are compatible with previous and future releases.

We will be producing a video showcasing the differences of sound both with and without the internal dampener within the upcoming week!


The KOYU will also be shipping with our new signature fasteners and will complete the look!

PBT Heavy Industry

PBT Heavy Industry is en-route to our warehouse where we will be shipping them out in the following weeks - we’re excited to see these adorned on some keyboards!