U80-A Typing & LEDs Overview Video / Collaboration Keycaps July 01

U80-A Overview Video 02

We’ve created another video to show the lighting modes on the U80-A and typing with tactile switches.

We film our videos using a stereo microphone configuration and a D65 lighting setup.


Collaboration Keycaps

Here are the latest collaboration keycaps available. We’ll also be making an archive/library of all current, previous and upcoming collaboration keycaps available.

GMK Dots   PVD Brass

GMK Dots

PVD Brass

GMK Peaches n Cream   Anodised Aluminium with enamel infill

GMK Peaches n Cream

Anodised Aluminium with enamel infill

GMK Vaporwave Collaboration Cap   Multicolour PVD Stainless Steel

GMK Vaporwave Collaboration Cap

Multicolour PVD Stainless Steel

U80 SEQ 1 PCB / M6-B Proto / Lumen Proto

U80 Prototype PCB

A lot of people have been waiting for an update on this project, along with us! Finally received in the prototype PCB's today. Will be doing fit testing this week so then we can move quickly with the vendor to getting the product to a production-ready state. Here are some pics of the prototype PCB & Enclosure.


M6-B Proto

LEDs in action! Rainbow mode. Completely programmable via QMK and can be used to indicate a miriad of things.


The M6-B is on it's final week for pre-order, get one now before it's too late:


Lumen (Utility) Light Prototype

A few weeks ago, we teased a concept image of a product we are working on without revealing what it is. The Lumen is an RGBW utility light controllable via HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value/Brightness), the interface consists of two dials which can be clicked in to control different parameters, Hue / Saturation, Hue / Brightness, Pulse Rate / Speed etc. 

A74B5895-8B93-48D0-A8A2-1F8DBAB9C1F5 (1).jpg

Today Wilba (our Hardware Engineer) brought over the prototype test-board to play with and we are now confident we can miniaturize it and create a neat product from it.


A lot of people have noticed the deskmat we have in the background of a lot of these images, we have stock arriving at our warehouses in the following weeks, expect something soon!

It's named the Canvas and it's perfectly ratio'd to compliment 60% sized keyboards.