GRID Caps arrived / HI SEQ2 Shipped / WEAR / M60-A SEQ2

GRID Keycaps have arrived!

We’ve taken delivery of all our injection moulded, polycarbonate, GRID keycaps in all their beautiful colours. We’ll be packing these over the week after we ship the Tray/Inventory 2 Brass PVD orders. We’ll then start shipping out the GRID orders.


Heavy Industry SEQ2

Most orders of our PBT keyset is now complete, we’re looking forward to seeing them on some great setups!
The next round of our Heavy Industry PBT Keycap set is now available for preorder alongside the M65-B.


WEAR Production

Our apparel is now in production, any extra stock from our production run is currently available on our store in limited quantities! All units are custom made and are not re-branded existing stock.


M60-A SEQ2

The M60-A SEQ2 units have been completed for some time now, since early October. We’ve had some delays with the logistics in getting the units here, but we’re in the final stretch with clearing some documentation in getting our container here, so we have no issues when it lands in port. We hope that it will land in 2-3 weeks. Everything in our warehouse is packed and ready to go for when they arrive so we can get all the units out as quickly as possible. All units will be receiving our XO Switchpullers as well.


M6-C, M60-A SEQ2, GRID CAPS, U80-A, Inventory 2 SEQ2, Tray


The M6-C enclosures have arrived, we have everything in stock except for the GRID caps & the M6-C Silicone bases. We expect these to all arrive this month though! Then all units will be shipped out if everything in the order is in stock.

Animated GIF-downsized_large (5).gif

We have approved the latest batch of M6-C bases for production; several improvements were made since the initial design. On the left is the first production sample, but given the density of the material, it would cave in too much, so we made some adjustments so that it sits more flush around the PCB.


GRID Keycaps

We’ve received the production polycarbonate colour samples of the GRID keycaps and have begun production on them! We’re looking forward to seeing these on keyboards and shipping them with our M6-C units.


We have limited extra stock allocations from manufacturing available through our webstore.


Inventory 2

Inventory 2 Aluminium & Titanium have arrived and will be packed early next week for immediate shipping - the brass units will be sent to us early next week to receive before next weekend.



As with the Inventory, we’ve received the Aluminium trays in our warehouse and expect the brass ones to arrive early next week. They will be assembled with the silicone feet then packaged for shipping!


U80-A Production

The U80 production is well underway! All the plates have been completed and have been mirror-polished and are now in PVD coating. A majority of the brass underweights have been machined and are off to mirror-polishing. The bases have mostly been completed - machining will soon begin for the top housings. We will also soon start production on the PCB’s.


M60-A SEQ2

The M60-A SEQ2’s are all complete! We are waiting for the ZEIT editions to complete before they’re all sea-freighted to our warehouse for final packing and shipping! That is expected to be this upcoming week.

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