Tray SEQ 1

The Tray's are all in stock and we are just awaiting new packaging. We are extremely happy with how the Liquid Series trays came out, we want to do something a little more special with the packaging. Each one is hand mirror polished for over 2 hours and then PVD coated! Packaging will be finished this week and shipped to us to arrive in the following weeks. Excited to finally get them out!


Inventory 2 SEQ 1

The Inventory 2 production has hit a series of delay's - we have had them remachined and reanodized from scratch as we where not happy with the initial batch which was manufactured in full. We are reaching a stage where we can start shipping in the following weeks. Most of the parts are in and we are just awaiting the Anodized XO cards and Titanium XO cards to arrive.

Here are some pictures of where we are at:




The band was completely reengineered and now features a coating which prevents dust from sticking, this makes a huge difference in comparison to the Inventory 2. We have them all in stock and ready to go.



We have started to pack the Inventory 2's, all that needs to be added to the package is the XO card.


LNY Edition



Inventory 2 will be available from stock a few weeks after the original orders fulfill and arrive safely to our customers!


Apologies all for the lack of updates/social media for the past week or so - we have been away from the office. We are now back and cannot wait to get straight back into it! 

Productive mail day here at the Rama Works Workshop. We've received a number of items which come with the M60-A. 

We are working hard here to not only deliver a product, but an experience. This delves deep into our company tagline "Experience Design". We cannot wait to show our customers what we work on in the background and some of the inclusions that come with our products.

Here's a few of them:

Custom feet

We had the mould for the feet completely remade to provide more grip. These come packaged in a pack of two and are in Kuro black.

U1 Connector cable

This is the cable which connects the U1-C daughterboard and the M60-A PCB together, we added extra sleeving to keep it together - we have the entire quantity in stock now.

PCB Anti-Static Bag

Our M60-A Anti-Static bags have arrived, these will keep the PCB's safe during handling and transport. This also comes packaged in another box (which has yet to arrive, stay tuned)


Not shown: 
GMK Stabilisers
NovelKeys Box Royals

EPBT Heavy Industry preview!

We’re proud to announce the newest collaboration in our partnership line. We have been working with enjoyPBT and are proud to create EPBT Heavy Industry, a cherry profile keycap, tailored with our signature typeface and the resilient, printed caps and stems enjoyPBT are known for. PBT creates a much softer typing acoustic when compared to ABS and is a perfect match for our M60-A keyboard. It will also come at a discount to our M60-A owners. More news to come! (Also, what’s that keyboard resting on?)


EDIT: Here's a more color accurate photo:


M60-A SEQ 1

M60-A base unit sample packaging has arrived, this will be accompanied by other packaging which will house the PCB, Internal Weight & Back Weight extras.




Will post pictures of the other packaging when it arrives!