Looks as though more and more aussies are joining the fray here at GH and it's with great delight that I have been chatting with KingRama over the past few weeks when he told me he'd be 'sending through a few things' and lo and behold I received this amazing package from the King himself today:


The contents of which were:
  x1 Engraved 'funky doughnut' keycap
  x1 Tactile Aluminium Keycap Prototype
  x1 Engraved Tactile Aluminium Keycap Prototype Plaque
  x1 Prototype HHKB Poster (on A4)

First off I've seen quite a few packages go through my hands and this has to be one of the best packed things I've ever received (next to Originatives Carbon Black). To be honest I don't like using the 'tear here' on packages and usually go at it with my Sheffield Kevlar Shear Scissors at every given opportunity but thought better of it in this instance...and luckily I did as there would have been nothing left of the HHKB poster

As some of you may know RAMA is running a GB for a Tactile Aluminium Keycap and I am fortunate enough to receive a prototype, of which again was impeccably packaged:

A few things to talk about here:
   1. Color - Very vibrant and does not look like it would wear in years to come
   2. Aluminium Weighting - As aluminium is not as heavy as say Steel, you'd feel right at home picking this bad boy and your favorite doubleshot SA profile keycap and doing a light arm curl session...(wait what? e.g. they weigh about the same). That said the cap itself has a nice 'top heavy' feel to it that you can immediately notice as it 'thocks' down upon key press.
   3.Style - From what I know about Rama, he likes to focus on simplistic yet detailed pieces and this is no exception to the rule. The cap is nicely 'ribbed' almost like it WANTS to be stroked |"__"| in all seriousness I have one of those ticks that when I'm sitting there thinking I subtly trace the keys with my finger which is very satisfying to do when the edges are ribbed.
I'll quickly say that I used the cap on a Lighsaver V2 with Ergo Clears as an 'ESC' key and it fits a little loosely but still 100% usable and a pleasure to spam. I then moved it on to an old Cherry with Vintage MX Blacks and it is as snug as a bug, does not budge and still remains a delight to use: