The main goal of this project is to design and explore new methods of producing musical experiences using tangible and non-tangible interfaces. Utilizing a simple, but engaging user interface for music composition, this device has applications as a treatment for a number of emotion centric issues. Music should be available to all individuals, whether they are versed in the art of playing an instrument or not. 

This proposal draws on extensive market research, confirming that a solid market demand exists and reveals additional applications as a therapeutic device. 

The following research methods were employed during the various stages of design and development: hardware sketches (quickly exploring and experimenting with hardware), bodystorming,  laser-cut mockups, three-dimensional CAD models, market research and quantitative research. After examining and utilising these research methods, it became apparent that certain areas had been over-looked, or had not been exploited in the market place. It seems there has been some stagnation in the current market, with little innovation in the way music is created. This means there was a gap in the market which could be exploited. Allowing room for an instantly interactable, personalisable music creation device which users can make their own. 




ModKit Wand Demonstration Prototype (NO SOUND)

ModKit Base Station Demonstration Prototype

ModKit Wave Demonstration Prototype

ModKit Wave Hardware Mockup demonstration

as seen

Design Entrepreneur Awards - Promotional Image - 2016