The MRT (Marketing Redemption Terminal) was my first foray into Injection Moulding and my first task as Unique Micro Design's Industrial Designer (a newly formed position). The project went from CAD to mould in under two weeks through an accelerated product design process which involved international collaboration with BlueCats across time zones and 3D printing prototypes to validate and check the design. I was the sole designer of the product, aiding in sourcing components, overlooking and aiding in PCB design and producing technical documents and marketing material.

The MRT will be used in retail as a Point Of Sale peripheral that will interact with consumers using Bluetooth Low Energy to redeem offers held in smart phones. There is also a contactless reader version.  

The plastic

Injection moulded out of ABS. 
The top shell is glossy and the base has a bead-blasted matte finish. 


Removable window

The RGB LED's inside the unit illuminate the window when inserted and creates unique advertising opportunities. The window comes in both removable and locked versions. 

Branding opportunities

The MRT was designed to be completely customisable to the end-user. It features a flat top surface for labeling, a removable advertisement screen which can be easily changed and a coloured base matched to the clients brand.

The Cad

The electronics

The webservice


Showcased at the Telstra Retail Summit in Sydney, Australia in 2016

More coming soon...