With the M65-B, we at RAMA WORKS® are re-engineering one of our more popular boards from the ground up.

Beyond the new engineering redesign, the M65-B boasts per-switch RGB LEDs and USB-C. Also highlighted with this new board is a thoughtful layout which provides all the keys you’ll ever need, for any game or task - elegantly spaced out. Each element of the keyboard is meticulously crafted, from our new countersunk screws to custom-made laser-etched Stainless Steel TORX T10 fasteners.

Designed for the ultimate performance, a fully machined brass switch plate sits isolated from the enclosure, its PVD coated and hand-polished to a mirror finish.

In addition to these enhancements in our offering, we are also integrating our previously released MUTE, our engineered mounting technology, made of non-conductive silicone. This new system provides yet an extra layer of response as it deadens the sound while cushioning each keystroke.


Rama Works MUTE

With the M65-B we’re adding our RAMA WORKS® MUTE plate mounting & dampening solution.
For this release of the M65-B it’s being moulded in the ICED colourway, also dispersing more light from the per-switch RGB.

The MUTE isolates the plate inside the enclosure providing a unique typing experience.



In an effort to provide the best end-user experience available, the M65-B PCB requires no soldering to construct with any Cherry MX-compatible switches. The M65-B offers a USB-C connection attached to the USB Extension PCB. There are also additional PCBs also available for individual sale. The board includes in-switch RGB LEDs under the PCB, which require no installation. The RGB LED’s (+ animations) and layout are programmable in real-time through our GUI Editor, VIA. PCB design by Wilba.

The M65-Bx variant is a solderable version without hotswap sockets for those who are discerning with their switch choice. 



The M65-B HOTSWAP PCB is fixed layout, as shown below. The M65-Bx SOLDERABLE PCB allows a stepped capslock and 2U backspace (or split).


The Editions

The M65-B comes in a variety of materials and finishes. The ICED edition is CNC Machined Polycarbonate that is finished to give it a brilliant frosted finish. The KURO/MOON edition is CNC Machined Aluminium that is carefully bead-blasted to a consistently smooth finish then anodised to the perfect colour. The YOLK/MILK editions are CNC machined aluminium which are then electrophoretically coated to their bold matte finish; this process has a failure rate in which the failures must be scrapped and cannot be refinished. And finally, the ROSE edition is milled from a solid block of brass to its final form, it then goes through a series of finishes and then polished by hand to a perfect mirror finish.



There is also an optional interior weight for extra heft and resonance. The optional interior weight is a beadblasted brass weight which has been PVD coated. The weight adds some extra stability to the exceptionally solid build of the M65-B.



The optional interior dampener is a moulded silicone insert which absorbs the sound inside the keyboard for an adjusted acoustic signature. There’s a new ICED variant to match the new edition M65-B.



The M65-B utilises our custom fasteners. You’ll only need one tool, a Torx T10 driver (included), to assemble and disassemble most of the keyboard. Except for the CSK screws in the plate which uses a T6 driver (included)


Heavy Industry SEQ3

We’re bringing back Heavy Industry PBT to outfit the M65-B


what the M65-B ships with

1 x Top Enclosure 
1 x Base 
1 x Mirror Polished PVD Plate (Brass)
1 x MUTE Mount - ICED (Non-Conductive Silicone)
2 x Custom Moulded RW Feet
4 x RW M2x4 T10 Fixtures
6 x RW M2x3 T10 Fixtures
6 x RW M2x3 CSK T6 Fixtures
6 x RW M2x3.5 Spacer
6 x RW M3x6 T10 Fixtures
1 x M65-B PCB with Kailh Sockets (OR M65-Bx PCB) (designed by Wilba)
1 x RW T10 Torx Tool
1 x RW T6 Torx Tool
1 x Black Metal End USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0) (Braided) - 1.5M
1 x RW Switchpuller XO
1 x Various Packaging