1. Download and install QMK Toolbox:


2. Download and install the firmware that works with VIA Configurator:


3. Run QMK Toolbox. 

Hold down escape when plugging the M60-A into the computer. (only required if not already in DFU mode)

QMK Toolbox should detect a "DFU device" connected and show a message "*** DFU device connected: ATmega32U4 -- 0x03EB:0x2FF4"

Click the "Open" button at the top of the window, browse to where you saved "rama_m60_a_default.hex "

Click the "Flash" button. More messages should appear with "Success".

You don't need to use QMK Toolbox again for changing keymaps.

Here's a screenshot of the new firmware installed on the M60-A:


4. Test the M60-A

You might like to try this useful tool: https://elitekeyboards.com/switchhitter.php

At this point, it should be working with the default layout.

5. Download and install VIA Configurator:


This should detect the M60-A and the window should look like this:

VIA Configurator_2018-12-15_13-24-32.png

VIA Configurator only requires firmware be installed once, thereafter, all changes to the keymaps are programmed instantly!