1. Download and install QMK Toolbox:


2. Download and install the firmware that works with VIA Configurator:


3. Run QMK Toolbox. 

While plugged in, press the reset button on the M10-B through the hole (use a paperclip, piece of rigid wire, etc.)

QMK Toolbox should detect a "DFU device" connected and show a message "*** DFU device connected: ATmega32U4 -- 0x03EB:0x2FF4"

Click the "Open" button at the top of the window, browse to where you saved "rama_m10_b_default.hex"

Click the "Flash" button. More messages should appear with "Success".

You don't need to use QMK Toolbox again for changing keymaps.

Here's a screenshot of the new firmware installed on the M10-B:


4. Test the M10-B

You might like to try this useful tool: https://elitekeyboards.com/switchhitter.php

At this point, it should be working as a numpad (number keys if numlock is on, or navigation keys if not).

5. Download and install VIA Configurator 0.2.7 (or later):


This should detect the M10-B and the window should look like this:


VIA Configurator only requires firmware be installed once, thereafter, all changes to the keymaps are programmed instantly!

If you are unable to succeed with the steps listed above, install the hotfixes below and try again