Fixing loose or TIGHT METAL KEYCAP

Unfortunately, not all Cherry MX stems are made equal. The stem cross for each switch type vary heavily. You will find that the precisely machined Rama Works CNC machined keycap will fit perfectly on some switches, and loosely on others. To account for this variance, the stem on the Rama Works cap was designed to fit on most switches, but may require adjustments to fit tightly.

For this guide, you’ll need either tape, paper, pliers, wedge or flat-head screwdriver.

Rama Works Wedge Tool

Rama Works Wedge Tool

Issue: The stem is too tight!


Loosening stem

To loosen the stem use a wedge shaped tool to separate the stem apart, this can be something as simple as a flat-head screwdriver. You may wish to place a compressible medium in-between the tool and the stem such as rubber to prevent scratching. Do this at a little at a time and constantly test against a switch until fit is secure.



A non-permanent way to tighten the stem on a keycap is to place a piece of tape across the stem, alternatively you can use paper or any other thin film. Aluminium foil/tape also will work well. This will act as a shim as it’s pushed onto the stem.

For a more permanent solution, you can use pliers and push the stem inwards - remember to use a compressible medium such as rubber to protect the metal.


Now, place your keycap on your switch of choice and enjoy the thocky feedback a metal keycap provides!