The GloFi Mood Light, is a Wi-Fi controlled RGB light which can run multiple programs. It is made out ofmachined ABS and Aluminium, and utilises lasercut windows and silicone gaskets which is all held together by M3 Hex Socket Screws. There are two aluminium pegs at the back of the unit which act as legs for the device. The main function is to run as a “weather” alarm-clock. The alarm is set through As the alarm time approaches, the light will become more intense and the colour will be linked to the temperature of the day. So more red = a hotter day and more blue = a colder day. It could be expanded to also visualise weather conditions, such as flicker when it’s raining. The device allows OTA (Over the Air) updates so that it can be updated with new software and modes when programmed. The GloFi runs on a Sparkcore, an IoT Arduino development board.